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Bringing Hope into the Hearts of Elderly

A Bible verse says: ‘Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord.’ How nice these words sound! Indeed, we, as society, have a great responsibility towards elderly people. The time came for them to be cared and supported.Unfortunately, in Moldova, there are many elderly people who live their old ages in dire poverty and forgotten. They are alone in the world, although they gave birth and brought up children. Today, they, their children, have gone abroad to make money and many have forgotten that somewhere, at home, they left their parents sad and powerless. It is a sad picture, but true.

Many elderly suffer to make ends meet. Hope and Future Moldova Foundation set a goal to stay close to elderly people and offer them a support through Community Center by providing food delivery service. The social canteen in Crihana Veche village offers them a sprig of hope. Therefore, the COM volunteers visit the lonely elderly people at home daily. They deliver them the necessary hot meal and help them with various household chores. ‘It is very difficult for young people to cope with all life challenges in these times of uncertainty and high unemployment, but rather for lonely, sick and bedridden elderly. Many elderly in our country can hardly survive from their small pensions. Their income is mostly spent on medicines and paying the public service bills, sometimes they even do not manage to do this. In these conditions, a good healthy hot meal is often lacking. Being aware of the difficulties they face with daily, Community Center helps them not just with a hot meal, but also for social contacts, an ear to lend and emotional support. Thus, our volunteers visit the lonely elderly, deliver them the hot meals, discuss with them and help them with various household chores like bringing fire woods, warming the stoves, sweeping out and others. We are deeply grateful to our volunteers for taking time to help our elderly. We are heartily grateful to generous donors as by their kind support we are able to be helpful to these forgotten, rejected elderly people.’ – expressed Mr. Tudor Maracineanu, Hope and Future Moldova Coordinator.

‘I am very grateful that volunteers from Community Center come and visit me daily. They are so young, but they have such a big heart. I know they may be busy with school activities, but they have time to visit me, too. I am old enough and hardly walk. I live alone, after my wife deceased. I am unhappy as I do not have someone to talk to. I am eagerly waiting for the lunch time, as I am visited by volunteers who provide me with a hot meal. It is very difficult for me to divide my small pension. I hardly manage to pay for medicines and public service bills. The hot meal I am brought saves me from hunger. I am so encouraged when I see them entering my gate. I feel I have a large family who cares of me. I cannot find the necessary words to thank you for this wonderful ministry you do. You will be rewarded for your kindness.’ – expressed Mr. Gheorghe, an elderly in Crihana Veche village.

‘Thank you for taking care of my grand-daughter and me. I am bedridden and cannot do anything by myself. I need someone to be close to me and help me with my all necessities. I even cannot stand up and take a cup of water when I am alone at home. I am lucky that I have my grand-daughter with me and she helps me as she is able to. But she is so young and I am a burden for her, while I should be helpful to her and care of her. She lost her mother when she was very young. I see how she tries to manage with her school and household chores. Why so? I take pity on her and my heart is sad when I see her carrying about me. I thank God that people from Community Center help us with hot meals daily. Marina does not manage to prepare food as she comes late from school. Also we do not have any other income than my small pension and we do not manage to buy all necessary food items. But big-hearted people from COM stay close to us always. They help us with hot meals; they care of us and offer us other necessary items. I do not know how we would manage without their very helpful support. Thank you for everything you do for us.’– said Mrs. Maria through tears.

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation staff and volunteers stay close to its beneficiaries by encouraging and offering them the necessary support when they need it. Loving attention, caring attitude, encouraging words and material support offer Hope to the hearts of these people.

Everyone who would like to be part of this nice ministry, contact us for more details. You can make a difference in the life of a lonely elderly today!

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