Agricultural Trainings and Support

Republic of Moldova is an agrarian country. Moldova boasts good “chernozem” black soils, which under proper management and fertilization can produce high crops. That is why, agriculture remains to be for the majority rural households the main source of income. Therefore, the majority people living in rural areas are involved in working their lands and growing vegetable and cereals.

The agricultural sector of Moldova faces many difficult challenges in the new economy. Most of the private farms are small subsistence land holdings, with most, if not all of the production being consumed by the family. Many families are poor, but they are hardworking people and would like to develop greenhouses for providing vegetables for the family’s consumption and for selling.

Even if it is 21st century, Moldovans continue to work the land like in ancient times and most agricultural labor is done by hand. This project aims to inform the farmers about efficient methods of working the soil and growing vegetables; to strengthen the capacities of rural farmers and to support their efforts in providing good agriculture production and products. Your support and investment in developing agricultural area through interesting and practical trainings will play an important role in the development of the rural sector.