We care about the Past and Future!

The Hope and Future Foundation from Moldova was founded in 2012. It is a non-commercial,
non-governmental and non-political organization, involved in charitable activities and has
a charitable statute.


Who we are
Hope and Future Foundation is a non-profit organization having the goal to provide assistance to people in need from Republic of Moldova.

What we do
The mission of Hope and Future Foundation is to bring real support for a better hope to people living in poverty. In partnership with our supporters and contributors, Hope and Future Foundation intends to offer necessary assistance to needy families in order to help them to reduce their daily struggles with lacks and difficulties.

Hope and Future Foundation aims to offer support to children from socially-vulnerable families in order to reduce the burden of poverty that impoverishes their feeble shoulders and to experience a happy childhood, to invest in their potential and provide them with possibilities to grow up healthy, to study and become prepared for succeeding and contributing to society.

Hope and Future Foundation aims to offer support to lonely and rejected elderly. There is a saying in Moldovan culture which sounds like: ‘If someone does not have an elderly close to him, he needs to buy one.’ Supporting elderly, we make easier their old ages, offer them love and care and show them that they are not alone in their struggles with life difficulties and lacks.

Food helps someone to live for today. Education helps someone to live for tomorrow. Hope and Future Foundation aims to offer support today for having hope for a better future of tomorrow.

Our vision
We dream to live in a country where every child enjoys a care-free childhood and feels safe, loved and cared; a country where every family enjoys a happy life together without the trouble of the day of tomorrow; a country where every elderly is respected and cared for as it is needed; a country where the Community has a strong capacity that will provide better care for its people.

Where we work
We are close to those in need regardless of their belief, nationality.