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A heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ to Samaritan’s Purse

Dear Friends,

Last weeks we shared with all of you about the Hope and Future’s summer camp activities. We also find it important to thank Samaritan’s Purse for Christian literature donation. Through their generosity and commitment of sharing God’s word among children over the world, Samaritan’s Purse offered The Greatest Journey teachers’ books and workbooks for children for free. Therefore, 320 more children were discipled through The Greatest Journey Bible study.

Hope and Future’s Christian Input team prepared the Bible lessons in the summer camp according to the Bible stories described in The Greatest Journey book. They taught the children Bible truth and stories using theater, interactive songs which had a very tight connection to the Bible message, engaging questions and learning Bible verses. After the Bible lesson there were organized group discussions. During these group discussions the educators reinforced the Bible story with the children when the last ones filled in The Greatest Journey workbooks. This activity was a great adventure through Bible and the children were excited to complete The Greatest Journey workbook and always being thirsty and excited about hearing next Bible story and learning new Bible verses.

‘Thank you for The Greatest Journey booklet. It is easy to use and very interesting. I like reading it and learning more about God. I liked the story about David and Goliath. David was brave and courageous and he loved God. God loved David and gave him and his nation the victory over Philistines. Lord works the same today. He can give us victories only when we obey Him. Having Him in our lives we can win every devil. I want to be like David in his good deeds. Thank you for a nice Bible story and bright colored booklet. Now it is mine and I take it with me at home!’ – expressed Daniel, a participant of H&F summer camp.

‘I liked the Bible story about Zacchaeus, the tax collector. He received Lord Jesus not only in his house, but also in his heart. After Jesus’ visit in his house, he turned into a good person. It is nice to see God at work. I learned that God loves me, too. I also love God as He is good with me and my family. Thank you for this nice booklets. The stories are captivating. I have read them with great pleasure. Thank you, Samaritan Purse for thinking about us! I will take the booklet at home and share the Bible stories with my mom and my younger brother!’ – shared Andreea, a summer camp attendee.

‘I liked the Bible story about the paralyzed man and his friends who brought him to Jesus. I was impressed how they were looking for different ways to bring their friend before Jesus. It is wonderful to have such friends in life. But most important it is to have Jesus as our Friend and He will take care of us. Thank you for these booklets. I will re-read the stories at home. You are good friends of ours, too!’ – shared joyfully Daniel, a child who rested in the H&F summer camp.

‘The Greatest Journey is a wonderful adventure through Bible. The children enjoyed each Bible story, as the stories were so well described, according to their understanding. The bright colored pictures made the children to better understand the message. The kids were very happy when they heard that they could keep The Greatest Journey workbooks for themselves and took them at home. We were so happy seeing the children thirsty after God’s Word. The Bible stories conveyed to children valuable pieces of advice for their lives and we even noticed that some children started to put them into practice. More important was that the Bible message had a positive impact on children’s lives. We pray God to continue to grow the seed planted into the small hearts of summer camp attendees. On behalf of Hope and Future’s Christian Input team and children, we would like to express sincere words of gratitude to Samaritan’s Purse for the valuable donation of The Greatest Journey books. Thank you for partnering with us in this great ministry with children. May God bless you! May God reward you richly! – expressed Elena, H&F Christian Input coordinator in summer camp.

Hope and Future foundation highly appreciates Samaritan’s Purse Christian Literature donation. Thank you for partnering with us in this wonderful ministry with children. We are sure that eternal values have been educated into these children and they will grow in God’s word becoming disciples! Let’s pray for them! Thank you for this wonderful donation and may God reward you for all your efforts!

H&F team

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