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80 children from needy families attended the day winter camp!

During winter school holidays, the children coming from needy, destitute and socially-vulnerable families do not have many choices of how to spend their time in a relaxing and friendly environment. Many of them continue to do the house holding chores, working in farmers’ yards and doing many other works for earning income for their families. Therefore, Hope and Future Foundation being close to such children offered them a relaxing time of winter holidays by organizing a day camp. The day camp was attended by 80 children. They attended the day camp with great enjoyment. The children experienced a warm and friendly atmosphere, had lots of fun, enjoyed participating in sport contests and performed with great pleasure and were in the company of loving, communicative and kind people. Each day was different from the previous one. Each day had its own surprises. The children even did not notice how quick the week ended up and the day camp was over.

Hope and Future Foundation Moldova volunteers carried out interesting and catching life stories. Therefore, the day camp activities moved the children to another world… a world without problems, hardships and difficulties… a world of fairy tales where they were kings and queens. The day camp activities enhanced the spiritual and emotional condition of all camp attendees, child and adult. The volunteers created many visual aids that helped them to catch children’s attention and keep them involved in camp activities.

The children spent a time of cheer where they laughed a lot, worshiped, performed and befriended with each other. The memories of this winter day camp will last for a long time in children’s hearts and lives.

‘I had a very interesting time during camp. It was nice to be with other children, befriend with them and know them better. I enjoyed participating in games, performances and crafts. I learnt many interesting and useful things for my life. I daily came with great pleasure to the camp. The children were friendly. The volunteers were so kind and loving to us. Thank you for being close to us and filling our holiday time with things that will last in our lives.’ – shared Marina.

‘Thank you for organizing such an interesting and nice day camp for us. I am happy that I had the possibility to attend it and take part in various activities. I liked it very much.’ – said Andreea.

‘I felt very well attending the day winter camp. It was a great experience for me. I enjoyed the craft activities, singing and playing games. I would like to attend such camps in future, too! Thank you for everything you did for us to feel well and have a joyful time together.’ – expressed Marius.

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