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70 children enjoyed the day camp at Community Center in Crihana Veche

After two shifts of summer camps carried out in June month for 320 children coming from poor and socially-vulnerable families, Hope and Future Foundation offered a day camp program to 70 children in July month. The day camp program was unfolded at Community Center in Crihana Veche village. The general theme of the camp was ‘The true happiness’. The children enjoyed participating actively in all activities of the day camp. Many of them never experienced a day camp, thus they were very curious of everything that happened there. Some of the children came in the first day just from curiosity, but it was amazing to see them joining the camp till the end!

The children were offered the possibility to find out many Bible truths, learn interesting and useful things for their day by day life, make new friends and get good learning experiences. Bible stories like ‘Good Samaritan’, ‘Zacchaeus the Tax Collector’, ‘Blind Bartimeus receives His sight’ and other stories taught the children about Lord Jesus love towards humankind, kindness, love towards neighbors, true faith, true happiness, prayer and peace. The camp attendees also received snakes and lunch daily which strengthened their bodies and gave them energy to stay active during all activities.

The funny games and sport contests kept the children active during the day camp. Also the children participated with great pleasure in handicrafts activities where they proved to be very creative. The performances helped the children to unveil their acting talents and they enjoyed participating in them. The children were awarded with small presents and encouraged for their good job.

‘This is for the first time when I attended a day camp. I liked attending it very much. I found out that the true happiness is not in small things we have, but in Lord Jesus who blesses our day by day life, takes care of us and protects us everywhere. It is very important to have Him in our lives and let Him rule and guide our lives. Thank you for teaching us this important truth. I pray Lord to always be with me!’ – shared Adina, a day camp participant.

‘I liked attending the day camp. We had lots of fun and I managed to befriend with many children. Also I learned many useful and helpful things. I also heard many interesting Bible stories. I found out about Jesus and His love towards humankind. Now I know He loves me, too. It is wonderful. Thank you!’ – expressed Iulia, a day camp attendee.

The day camp was visited by three young volunteers from Holland. Frank, Hannah and Welmoed participated in the day camp, too, they learned songs in Moldovan language, had fun and befriended with all camp participants. The children enjoyed their presence very much! Dear our friends, Frank, Hannah and Welmoed, on behalf of all day camp participants, we would like to thank you for your participation in day camp of Hope and Future foundation!

We would like to thank our supporters who made this day camp possible. May God reward them richly!

We pray God bless the day camp attendees and grow the seed of His Word settled in their small hearts.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

H&F team

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