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50 children enjoyed an Unforgettable Excursion to Chisinau!!!

Hope and Future Moldova Foundation managed to organize for socially-vulnerable children an excursion to Chisinau. Many children do not have the possibility to visit the capital of the country they live in and belong to. They find out about it only from school books. Therefore, 50 children from Crihana Veche village enjoyed a one day bus excursion to Chisinau. They were overwhelmed of what they saw and the places they visited there. The children were excited seeing the big Christmas Tree from the center of Chisinau city. They were amazed of all holiday atmosphere and Christmas lights on Chisinau streets.

The time at McDonald’s place was very interesting. For many children it was the first experience at McDonald’s. They enjoyed the tasty meals and having fun. The children had a wonderful day and spent a nice time in the capital. The memories of this excursion will last for a long time and they will have what to share to their class mates when they go back to school. It was nothing nicer than seeing the satisfied children talking and sharing various moments of the excursion.

‘I was so happy hearing that we will go on a trip to Chisinau. I was looking forward to this day and finally it came true. I had a nice time. I like Chisinau on holidays. I have never thought that it is so nice during nights. The Christmas Tree was so tall and wonderful with lots of lights. I am so excited of everything we managed to visit on our excursion. We went back in the evening a little bit tired, but very satisfied.’ – shared Valentina Zgircibaba.

‘I am so grateful to everyone who made this excursion to happen. It was a great surprise to me on these winter holidays. I am happy that I was offered this opportunity to travel to Chisinau. I enjoyed this excursion very much. We walked on Chisinau streets. I saw many places of interest there. Chisinau is so awesome on Christmas. Everything around was so beautiful that it caught my eye. I also enjoyed the McDonald’s place and having the meal there. The ice cream was delicious. I am so excited of everything that happened.’ – expressed Alexandru.

‘Indeed it was a pleasant surprise for the children. It is more difficult for children in villages to have a relaxing time like this. Hope and Future Foundation, Moldova offered them an unforgettable excursion and increased their emotional condition. This excursion was for all these children like an escape from their daily hardships and problems. I saw lots of happiness in their eyes. I saw how gladly they enjoyed each moment of the day. I heard lots of laugh. Nothing can be nicer on this world than seeing the children content and happy! Sometimes they need so little to be happy. Thank you!!!’ – told Mrs. Rodica, Sunday School teacher who accompanied the children in their excursion.

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