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4th and 5th days at summer camp with Hope and Future!

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Filled with joy, laugh, Bible and social stories, performances, fun, games, sport activities, handicrafts and many other interesting activities, the days passed by so quickly at Hope and Future summer camp. The children managed to make lots of friends and always seeking for communicating and spending time together.

The Christian-like atmosphere and the love and care of the H&F volunteers helped the children forget of their family problems and enjoy every moment. It is because our volunteers are not just counselors, they are mentors, guides, teachers and role models. That is why, we take pride in the quality and commitment of our volunteers and every staff engaged in the summer camp. It is important to make children feel safe and know that peace dwells into their small hearts.

So, the 4th and 5th day at camp brought the children onto the realm of good deeds and friendship. It is because the name of 4th day was The Day of Good Deeds, while the name of 5th day was The Day of Secret Friend. They worked hard during the handicrafts activities in order to prepare the most beautiful masterpiece that would be a great joy to their new friends they made in the camp.

‘Thank you for giving us chance to strengthen our relationship with having the Day of Friendship. I kindly surprised my new friend and I am so happy! More than that I have learnt that Jesus is our best friend and I am pleased to know that!’ – expressed Olga, a camp participant.

‘Thank you for offering me the opportunity to rest in this wonderful camp. I like everything here. The food is plenty and delicious. The activities are of a variety spectrum and very, very interesting. Together with my new friends, we spend marvellous moments that will stay printed in our hearts and minds for a long time from now. Thank you H&F more making my dream true this summer!’ – shared Valeriu, a camp attendee.

The Bible lessons of these two days were set up on The Parable of Lost Son. (Luke 15:11-32) and the Bible key verse for this lesson was ‘Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ (Matthew 11:28). One day was designed to worshiping and the children sang, told Bible verses and poems and praised Lord whole the day. It was a special day for everybody in the camp! The provided programs are done so with the intent that all we do bring honor to God!

‘I learnt so many nice things from the parable of lost son. I know that sometimes I am like the lost son and do not obey my parents and teachers at school. I am so sorry of this and I asked Lord to help me become obedient child.’ – wanted to share Sergiu, a camper.

‘I like singing and listening to music. Today was full of music and songs. I learnt so many songs using signs. They are so interesting and with meaning. I have even written the verses and I am going to share with my classmates when I will be back to school in Spetember.’ – said Lena, a camper.

It is great to hear positive testimonies in the end of the day from the children attending the camp. It is wonderful to see them happy and pleased with everything that is organized for them. If you are impressed of these activities and want to be important in a needy child’s life, you can just contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will offer you more information of how to become engaged with our project.

H&F team

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