A little help is a great future!

2000 food parcels will reach people in need this Christmas!!

The lack of jobs, falling incomes and running up prices have taggered an explosion in demand of food items, as poor families struggle to put a meal on the table. Needy families often ask H&F team from Community Center to help them out with food items, as it is very difficult for them to cope with this situation in winter time. In such conditions, Operation Christmas Blessing has come into being within Hope and Future foundation. The ‘miracle’ of Christmas is repeated over and over again through the joy of caring and sharing.

After a week of working hard on packing the food parcels of Operation Christmas Blessing project, it has arrived the time to share them with those in need. Arranged carefully inside the hall and canteen room of Community Center, the packed parcels were quietly waiting for those in need in order to bring them joy and make them happy. Through this project, H&F aims to serve families and individuals hit by unemployment and low-income that causes to being unable to make ends meet.

‘Thank you for this food parcel. It is so encouraging for us to know that there are people who are thinking about me and my problems. The food items are of great help to my family!’ – shared Mr. Vasile, a beneficiary of Operation Christmas Blessing parcel.

‘Thank you for taking care of my family and standing with us in our daily difficulties. I have a plan for a Christmas dinner for my children. I keep it a secret. Please convey my gratitude to those who contributed and brought such a big joy into our hearts and homes on Christmas!’ – expressed Mrs. Ecaterina, single mother of three.

These are few impressions and thanks expressed by those coming to take the food parcel from Community Center. H&F team and volunteers visited some elderly and invalid people at home bringing them the joy of Christmas and a food parcel. They shared the true meaning of Christmas with them and handing over the small ‘blessing’ of this Christmas for them. H&F volunteers left their houses with the feeling of being blessed. Blessed with sincere words of gratitude that they were asked to convey to all supporters of the Operation Christmas Blessing parcels. Blessed with thousands of impressions that reminded us of our reasons to feel grateful. Blessed of the knowledge of having been allowed to be a Blessing to others.

We would like to thank the supporters of Hope and Future from abroad who worked hard on their sides, so the needy families enjoy a nice and wonderful Christmas dinner and have a special Christmas time!! Praying Lord bless and reward you richly for all your efforts and hard work!!!

This project may continue throughout the year, bringing blessings to hearts and lives filled with hardships. If you want to become involved in this project and make a difference you can contact us for more details on

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

H&F team

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