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150 more children rested in the 2nd shift of H&F summer camp!

Dear Friends, Supporters and Visitors of our website,

We would like to let you know that after finishing the first shift of summer camp, the second one started off with a bang on 17th of June and finished on 26th of June. During this period youth leaders from different Local Churches and 150 children form various communities from Southern area of Moldova joined altogether to participate in summer camp organized by Hope and Future foundation (H&F).

The children were welcomed with large smiles, good will and love! For most of the children, it was the first trip outside their homes and villages, and a chance to meet their peers from other communities and develop friendship relationships. The rest in the summer camp was a unique occasion for the socially-vulnerable children attending the summer camp.

The friendly and Christian-like atmosphere made both children and volunteers become friends in just few moments. The children enjoyed the fresh air, beautiful scenery, comfortable lodging and a time to enhance their spiritual land emotional estate. The days at the camp were full of events and various many interesting activities which kept the children connected to everything that happened around them. The camp activities were carefully planned by H&F staff and volunteers. So, there was not room for boredom!

The children not only had fun and befriended with each other, but they also learned essential life skills, Bible truth and values and experienced practicing them during those 10 days of the summer camp. These will be useful and helpful for their lives.

The summer camp hosted a very important visitor of Hope and Future arrived from Netherlands. Her name is Annellies and you will find out more about her experience in our next material.

The camp ended with a final celebration full of games, surprises, worshiping, performances and awards. Everybody was happy of the time spent together, but having a nostalgy in their hearts that those moments were last ones in the summer camp.

The joint efforts of Hope and Future Moldova│Netherlands, Hope and Future in Norway and Hope and Future in Moldova aimed at improving the quality of life of socially-vulnerable children in Moldova. We did a great job! Praise Lord!

Thank you for following us step by step within all our activities and projects. You may always become a part in the children’s lives and make a difference in their lives. Thank you for your prayers! Join us and you will feel the joy of this ministry. Contact us on office@hopeandfuture.org and we will do our best to give you all the necessary details in order to become a part of our ministry. May God bless you!

H&F team

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