Only Together we can offer Hope for a better Future!

Hope and Future Foundation seeks to help and serve the poor, needy and socially-vulnerable people by offering them the necessary support in overcoming their daily problems and difficulties. In this way, we want to put into their hearts a Hope for a better Day and Future!

Living among people who face various material, emotional and spiritual needs and seeing their day by day struggles, we have opened our hearts towards their difficulties and life problems in order to find a solution to help them. Staying close to these needy people, we have learned that offering is the best and purest action the man has been gifted with. What shall we offer them to make them happy? It is a great question when needy people are so many and their problems are so different. The decision has come up – through any possible mean and resource we will do our best to help them in making their ends to meet. We will do our best to offer them Hope for a better day and Future. The aim of Hope & Future Foundation is to provide assistance and support to anyone in need regardless of religion, race, gender, age or political persuasion.


Republic of Moldova facing a deep rural poverty….

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Moldova was once a prosperous country which supplied the Sovietic Union with much of its goods. But the glory they had
has along gone after the collapse of the Sovietic Union, Moldova becoming the poorest country in Europe. The economy is in shambles. The factories are closed and there are no jobs.

The average monthly salary is about €170 and nearly 80% of
its about 4 million people live below the poverty line, making Moldova the poorest country in Europe and a hopeless place.

These dismal conditions have prompted more than 40 per cent
of the country’s potential workforce to seek employment abroad, mostly in Russia and EU states. Especially people from the rural area have left the country, leaving children, fields and everything dear behind. About 1 in 4 adults work abroad supplying 40% of the country’s GDP and the funds they send home are vital for the country. Most of those who leave are young, and many are bright and ambitious, just the people Moldova needs to develop its economy, people that were imposed by poverty to leave their homeland to limp on with an ageing and shrinking population that still struggle in the dwelling poverty.


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